Projectile Motion

As part of the curriculum, my ninth grade math class was required to give a presentation on some math-related topic. There were all sorts of listed options: The Divine Proportion, Pi, Euclidean Geometry, etc. Having little mathematical awareness beyond trigonometry, I chose something that sounded familiar: Projectile Motion.

In addition to making up a substantial portion of our grade, an added bonus was given to students with exceptional presentations: the opportunity to attend some sort of competition where fame, glory, and another bullet point on your resume awaited. Yet such an honor wasn’t even on my radar, my horizon, my planet — getting myself to just stand in front of the class was worthy of all the accolades in the world. After all I was this shy, quiet, awkward kid who struggled to speak up in groups greater than 3.

Predictably, the presentation went horribly. I stood there, cracked a tirelessly rehearsed joke that received polite chuckles, and then completely blanked. I had planned to throw a tennis ball around to demonstrate projectiles in action. That day the ball remained clutched in my sweaty hand reassigned to the role of an anchor, one keeping me from bolting out the room. It was tragic, really. 

Although impossible to imagine at the time, that frightened child would marvel at these past 6 months. He’d see himself as a national award-winning debater, an intern making presentations to partners at a multi-national corporation, and a human being capable close and intimate relationships. 

Call it a humblebrag or just plain egoticism but it’s comforting knowing I’ve made some achievements amid many mistakes. Comforting knowing that change is possible. And comforting knowing that I’ve given that tennis ball a good toss. 

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I don’t know Ms. Allis, but I like that she decided to illustrate Miyazake’s words.

Yes.  All of it.

This is fantastic!

It’s just the Mad Men splurge but I read these in Don Draper’s voice 

It’s just the Mad Men splurge but I read these in Don Draper’s voice 

Con Te Partiro

Something amazing just happened: In the midst of another self-induced panic attack and/or chaotic mind-burst, Andrea Bocelli’s beautiful voice penetrated through the brewing storm and brought me to safety.

I feel silly describing it but it was just so magical; there was this ascension from this depressed, dark and lonely hole to some higher state of being. It was absolute yet gradual, it was a progression of thought from withdrawal to acknowledgement to acceptance, knowing that it would be alright. 

What’s best is that this song always hits me most when I’m not consciously drawing from it. When “Con Te Partiro” wants to played, knows it should be played, it plays. And then I just have to lay back and let the pieces fall into place. 





The World’s First 3D Printing Pen that Lets you Draw Sculptures in Midair. 

Forget those pesky 3D printers that require software and the knowledge of 3D modeling and behold the 3Doodler, the world’s first pen that draws in three dimensions in real time. Imagine holding a pen and waving it through the air, only the line your pen creates stays frozen, suspended and permanent in 3D space. Sound like magic? Well it certainly looks like it, watch the video above to see the thing in action. The 3Doodler was designed by Boston-based company WobbleWorks who recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to sell the miraculous little devices that utilizes a special plastic which is heated and instantly cooled to form solid structures as you draw. I don’t know about you but for me this might have just won the most impulsive Kickstarter purchase in history. Check it out.”

Learn more here & here.

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